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Unlocking Healing: Edit B Kiss Shares Ancient Techniques For Liberation From PTSD

Edit B Kiss, a trailblazer in holistic trauma therapy, is rewriting the narrative on mental health and healing. With a diverse background spanning from petroleum engineering to becoming a holistic mentor and life coach, Edit’s journey is as transformative as her approach to healing.

Born out of personal struggles, Edit’s journey towards holistic healing is a testament to resilience and profound personal transformation. After enduring panic attacks for decades, Edit found solace in alternative healing modalities like Reiki. This initial step into the world of holistic practices sparked a deep exploration into spirituality and the mind-body connection.

Edit’s career highlights underscore her impact in the field of trauma therapy. Her accolades include being a #1 best-selling author in 2020, recognition as a Humanitarian Award winner in 2021, and her role as an executive contributor of Brainz from 2022 to 2023. These achievements are a testament to Edit’s commitment to mental health advocacy and her innovative contributions to the field.

In 2024 alone, Edit has been featured in over 30 trauma-related podcasts, including an upcoming appearance on the Jan Broberg Show, alongside the Hollywood actress, singer, and kidnapping survivor herself. These interviews provide a platform for Edit to share her expertise and insights, reaching audiences worldwide with her message of healing and empowerment.

However, Edit’s journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges. Battling both physical and mental conditions, she turned to holistic practices like source memory healing and Samadhi meditation for solace. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Jose Silva, Edit harnessed the power of meditation to overcome her obstacles, paving the way for her career as a holistic healer.

Edit’s wisdom extends far beyond her personal experiences. She firmly believes that the root cause of physical and mental conditions lies in unprocessed emotions buried in the unconscious mind. Through her ancient techniques, Edit empowers individuals to release these negative emotions, thereby preventing diseases and transforming their lives from within.

Looking ahead, Edit envisions herself as the go-to expert in trauma healing and mental health. With a thriving base of 1:1 clients and group healing/coaching memberships, Edit’s influence continues to expand. Her upcoming retreat in Greece in August 2024 marks yet another milestone in her journey towards global healing and empowerment.

Furthermore, Edit has ambitious plans to establish her presence in Los Angeles, where she aims to launch her “Release with Ease” live show and TV program alongside her Emmy Award-winning friend, John Pattyson. This venture aligns with her vision of opening the VIP Phoenix Healing Center and a public meditation center, solidifying her commitment to making holistic healing accessible to all.

Edit’s press coverage is centered around her role as the key to an easy, gentle, and effective solution for PTSD, depression, and triggers. Her ancient techniques offer a fresh perspective on mental health, challenging traditional paradigms and paving the way for lasting healing and transformation.

For more information on Edit B Kiss and her journey towards holistic healing, please visit:


Instagram: @editbkiss

LinkedIn: Edit B Kiss

Facebook: B Kiss Edit

YouTube: Magical Karma Priestess

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