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Publicity For Good Makes The World Better With PR

There is no feasible way to predict and know every good idea people will ever have. As a result, sadly, many are the good causes that had the potential to change the world which are currently condemned to obscurity.

Publicity For Good, led by Heather Holmes, has swiftly become the first and best solution for purpose driven brands seeking a chance under the spotlight. And they do that by being effective in finding new, impactful and targeted media opportunities for their clients.

What follows below is a collection of three case studies that demonstrates the agency’s ability to improve the world.

Dignity Coconuts

Dignity Coconuts is a Philippine-based company that arose out of the founders desire to help people in the province of Bicol to find jobs and raise themselves out of abject poverty and into a more dignified way of life.

Dignity Coconuts reached out to Publicity For Good seeking to increase their brand awareness and increase sales through positive product reviews, as well as landing key partnerships with influencers. PFG accumulated 40 media opportunities in three months, including features in Forbes and UK Today, achieving over 321 million media impressions. Read the full case study here.


Students Against Destructive Decisions is an organization that aims to avoid accidents caused by bad choices taken by college and highschool students by focusing on counseling and promoting mental and physical health.

Publicity For Good’s main focus was aligning the organization’s message with key awareness periods like distracted driving awareness month to approach subjects like mental and emotional health, not just to students, but to parents and counselors as well.

The result was a total of 244 media opportunities across several media platforms, including juggernauts like Buzzfeed and Fox News generating a total of 53.69 billion media impressions. Read the full case study here.

Veterans Law Group

Veterans Law Group partnered with Publicity For Good out of a need to raise their online presence and increase their impact in order to reach more of the nation’s veterans. Publicity For Good sought out media opportunities that related to the veteran community and law, while sharing various content to generate awareness.

As a result, Veterans Law experienced an increase of 400% in facebook reach and impressions, as well as 400 new instagram followers. Couple that with over 41 media opportunities in a single month. Read the full case study here.

Eco Lips

Known for its line of organic lip balms, Eco Lips is a famous beauty brand that has achieved great heights for their  USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified™ line of lip care products, which are non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, and gluten-free.

Their request was simple: acquire as many live links promoting their brand as possible, and the communication firm got to work building relationships with influencers and key media members to score product reviews and interviews with the CEO.

After three months, Eco Lips had no less than 30 media opportunities, in a year, that number jumped to 159, achieving a total reach of 19 billion media impressions, with some of the biggest features including Reader’s Digest, and BuzzFeed. Read the full case study here.


As a bestselling plant-based, non-dairy coffee and tea creamer brand Nutpods was founded to provide customers with more healthy coffee and tea alternatives. They sought out Publicity For Good with the objective of establishing a firmer market presence and creating brand awareness. Publicity For Good managed to capitalize on its healthier ingredients and effectively communicate their “Good In = Good out” mantra.

Over a span of 10 months, PFG managed to lend their client over 150 media opportunities, including Authority Magazine and Healthline among others amassing a reach of 19.2 billion media impressions. Read the full case study here.

Publicity For Good’s focus on working with purpose driven brands is a breath of fresh air in the market that shows how enterprises have a role to play in the betterment of the human condition.

Companies on a similar mission will benefit from Publicity For Good’s work. Booking a call with PFG is a great place to start.


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