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Mala Rambharose: From Grit to Glory – An Unconventional Path to Success

Life, in its essence, is a learning journey. It’s a twisting path of adversity and triumph, and at the heart of this tale is Mala Rambharose – a visionary entrepreneur whose journey from obscurity to renown is an enduring testament to sheer determination, resilience, and creative rebellion. Today, she leads CityMonk Media, a beacon of her indomitable spirit and a symbol of her unorthodox perception of success.

Mala’s story, much like those of many entrepreneurs, took an unexpected turn at a sampling event at Starbucks’ headquarters in Toronto. Once a university dropout contemplating medical aid for focus issues, an intake officer urged her to abandon conventional educational routes, recognizing in her the seeds of entrepreneurial grit.

Despite enduring a slew of rejections from publishers nationwide, Mala’s drive to share her children’s book, “There’s A Pebble In My Shoe,” remained unshaken. In navigating the labyrinth of self-publishing, distribution, and promotion, she piqued the interest of literary giants like Indigo Books’ founder Heather Reisman and ex-CEO of Penguin Random House Canada, Brad Martin. Acknowledged as an Emerging Writer by the Writer’s Trust of Canada, her unique journey now serves as an inspiration to students at her former university.

However, the highway to triumph was littered with daunting roadblocks. As a young, female entrepreneur with limited financial backing, she was dealt a challenging hand. These weren’t minor impediments; they were monumental tests of her resilience and adaptability.

Securing an apartment in downtown Toronto during her twenties, seemingly ordinary for many, was for Mala a symbol of overcoming past struggles with homelessness and public housing. In parallel, her contributions to HuffPost, despite the platform’s critics, signaled a significant win, further amplified by Arianna Huffington’s endorsement.

Despite past victories, Mala still contends with feelings of rejection and undervaluation. Yet she harnesses these challenges as catalysts for personal growth and further achievements within her industry.

Mala’s journey took a profound turn when she adopted a monk-like existence following a string of setbacks. This phase of self-disconnection from materialism and technology, and the embrace of spiritual introspection, highlighted the potency of self-sufficiency and the entrepreneurial discipline it breeds.

Mala advises aspiring entrepreneurs not to fear holding a regular job while building their enterprise. She argues that reliance on outside funding can stifle creativity and innovation. Self-sustenance and slower progression allow for better resource allocation and shield from the burdens of others’ expectations.

As an entrepreneur, Mala champions a balanced lifestyle, stressing the importance of rest, hydration, and regular walks, reminding us that personal wellbeing is the foundation for any successful enterprise.

Currently, Mala is penning a memoir titled “Broken Telephone,” chronicling a kaleidoscope of fascinating personalities and the wisdom they’ve imparted. The memoir is poised to be a tribute to her extraordinary journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship, monkhood, and her self-proclaimed “boujee” lifestyle.

Mala Rambharose’s tale is a powerful anthem of resilience, redefinition, and relentless resolve. It stands as a potent reminder that the road to success is individual and each journey deserves its due respect and recognition.

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