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Love, Liv Bakeshop – Treats That Everyone Can Eat!

Love, Liv Bakeshop
Love, Liv Bakeshop

Love, Liv’s Bakeshop was born out of a mother’s love to provide safe and enjoyable snack options for her daughter living with Type 1 Diabetes and now continues to fight for global food inclusivity 

Sarah's interview with NBC 5

Sarah’s interview with NBC 5

April 5, 2023, Dallas, TX — Sarah Beddoe experienced the immense difficulty posed by Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) after her daughter, Olivia, was rushed to the ICU after a fatal bout with the disease. Following this incident, Olivia had to face the struggle of having a difficult lifestyle to maintain—which is difficult for anyone to follow, especially a child.

What was a mother to do seeing a child suffer? Following the incident and her child’s struggle with finding snacks she enjoys, Sarah wanted to give her daughter the lifestyle she wanted, without compromising her health. A fateful invite from Olivia to bake cookies that she and her friends can enjoy sparked the inspiration that eventually led to Love, Liv Bakery.

Sugary treats and high-carb snacks are too easily accessible for children. Seeing the lack of better or acceptable options for T1D warriors and other kids with dietary restrictions, Sarah and Olivia sought a way to solve this problem themselves by providing a better and safer option for everyone. As such, Sarah is on a mission, inspired by her daughter, to help everyone reduce their sugar intake, without compromising taste. By providing delicious treats without any harmful ingredients, Love, Liv continues to help both children and adults enjoy the simple joys of munching on a cookie without worrying about its impact on their health.

As a result of their dedication, along with motherly love, the Love, Liv Bakeshop was born, providing sugar-free and gluten-free treats, to ensure that everyone can have their share of sweet snacks. The bakeshop has a growing menu of cookie varieties, all of which are made using oat flour and sweetened using organic stevia extract—guaranteeing everyone a low-carb and safely consumable snack for everyone, regardless of any dietary restrictions.

It’s Love, Liv’s mission to normalize food inclusivity across the entire food industry. With the lack of options for people struggling with certain illnesses, Love, LIv recognizes the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to have a sweet life, minus the sugar.

Created for children and inspired by children. Love, Liv is a brand that goes beyond the grain of gluten-free and sugar-free products. They want to bring back delicious, nutritious, and genuinely fun snacks for everyone to enjoy. Love, Liv seeks to embody the very spirit that represents the spirit of her daughter, and other Type 1 Diabetes warriors everywhere.

Watch their feature interview here. Learn more about Olivia and Sarah’s story and enjoy their selection of gluten-free and sugar-free cookies by visiting their website,

About Love, Liv Bakeshop

Love, Liv is on a mission to allow all children the chance to experience the joy and individual freedom of childhood without being hindered by what’s on the snack time menu. It promises a sweet life, without extra sugar. It instills confidence, inspiration, and joy in all who encounter it. Just like Liv.

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