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Janine Zappini Unveils Exciting New Personal Health Course

Empowered Longevity Lifestyle is set to help people with hectic schedules live better and longer with simple yet effective and sustainable techniques

Worldwide (June 24, 2024) –– After the release of her bestselling book “Empowered Parents Unlocked”, the award-winning entrepreneur, public speaker and global business trainer, Janine Zappini is excited to announce the launch of its brand new course “Empowered Longevity Lifestyle” on the 24th of June 2024.

Janine is an award-winning entrepreneur, business trainer, single mom and author with over 20 years of experience in business leadership, which has given her incredible insight into what makes businesses and people grow and succeed.

Running against more traditional ideas of success, the core of Janine’s content is centered around harmonizing work and family life, and she helps her thousands of students worldwide find meaning for one in the other.

Now, part of this expertise is poured into Empowered Longevity Lifestyle, this revolutionary course will be aimed at helping people with hectic schedules embrace a healthier lifestyle that enhances their performance and helps with sustainable weight loss.

Empowered Longevity Lifestyle is a carefully curated combination of proven tools, collective experiences, and easily sustained techniques aimed at helping students become the best versions of themselves by starting from their bodies.

This is achieved via a combination of a carefully constructed diet, exercise routines, and a series of small self-care attitudes that one may take throughout their day, be it at work or at home that ensure they are ready to face the challenges of everyday life.

The course contains 8 modules in high-quality video to allow for greater understanding, which is further aided by practical tools in the form of worksheets that help students to implement new techniques, develop and track better habits, along with complementary materials to expand them in the future further.

Those who want to accelerate their process of empowerment through health may also opt for an enhanced version of the course where Janine herself will offer personal coaching to aid them in their journey via 8  1-hour-long live sessions. You can check it out right now, just click on the link and register to take the first step towards a better life.

For a sample of how Zappini’s methodology helps people change their lives by evolving and adapting to new challenges, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook, or head straight to the source at her website.


ABOUT Janine Zappini


Janine Zappini is an award-winning entrepreneur, single mother, global business trainer, coach, and speaker specializing in product development, global distribution and education. Janine offers courses aimed at helping unlock their untapped potential to navigate professional and family life.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the market, Janine has been able to offer invaluable insight on what makes people thrive in every aspect of life to thousands of students across the globe. To learn more about Janine go to: 


Press Contact:

Heather Holmes


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