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Giovanni Sorrentino: Charting a New Course in the World of Luxury Yachting

In the glittering waters of the luxury yachting industry, Giovanni Sorrentino and his venture, Formula Yachting, have emerged as the beacon of innovation and exceptional service. With a heritage deeply rooted in the picturesque province of Salerno, Giovanni, alongside his brother, embarked on a journey that transformed a modest naval design studio into a revolutionary “nautical atelier”. This multifunctional nautical center, situated on the lush Amalfi Coast, provided everything from bespoke boat design to sales, maintenance, and rentals, establishing a new paradigm in the Italian boating industry.

Today, as the owner and general manager of Formula Yachting, Giovanni Sorrentino has expanded his horizons well beyond the Italian shores to cater to an elite global clientele. Formula Yachting stands out as a company that not only supports shipyards and boat owners but also bridges the gap between them with a hybrid service model that is as innovative as it is necessary.

This unique model offers comprehensive project management and survey services for owners seeking new constructions, while assisting shipyards in either enhancing their existing operations or starting from scratch. Over the past year, Giovanni has introduced a pioneering service that defines hybridity in true sense: a decentralized commercial management DEFY, which aids in internationalizing products by connecting shipyards directly with prospective buyers, transcending traditional brokerage by ensuring deep product understanding and superior client service.

Under Giovanni’s stewardship, Formula Yachting has collaborated with illustrious brands such as XCEL YACHT and TRIBALE YACHT, enhancing their global presence and operational efficiency. XCEL YACHT, known for its high-end catamarans, and TRIBALE YACHT, a producer of mega yachts up to 50 meters from Pisa, have both benefited from Giovanni’s strategic vision and extensive industry expertise.

The journey to the pinnacle of the global yachting industry was not without its challenges. Transitioning from the local Italian market of smaller boats to the competitive arenas of Dubai and beyond required not just courage but a visionary approach. Giovanni’s concept of bespoke yachts—tailor-made to meet the unique desires of each client—helped establish his name among the affluent circles and set him apart in the luxury yachting sphere.

Recognition of Giovanni’s work has come from various quarters. In 2018, he was celebrated by the magazine La Voce di Genova as the most loved yacht designer on social networks. Further, his contributions to the industry have been encapsulated in his book, “Why Boating Changed My Life,” available on Amazon. Not stopping at traditional media, Giovanni has also ventured into the digital art world with a series of NFTs featuring yacht designs, illustrating his adaptability and forward-thinking mindset.

Looking ahead, Giovanni dreams of elevating Formula Yachting to be recognized as a top-tier firm globally, synonymous with unparalleled luxury and reliability in the yachting industry. His vision is clear: to ensure that every yacht owner enjoys their vessel without surprises, through impeccable service and unwavering dedication.

Giovanni’s philosophy is built on the bedrock of customer-centric service. He believes that the key to success in the nautical sector lies in forging lasting relationships with clients through professional competence, transparent communication, a service-oriented attitude, integrity, flexibility, and robust after-sales support. Each interaction is an opportunity to affirm their commitment to excellence.

As Giovanni Sorrentino continues to navigate the complex waters of the luxury yachting world, his journey from a small Italian town to international waters is a testament to his innovative spirit and unwavering dedication. With Formula Yachting, he is not just selling yachts; he is crafting unparalleled experiences on the high seas, making every client’s dream a vivid reality.

To learn more about Giovanni Sorrentino and Formula Yachting, visit and follow their journey on Instagram @sultanofwind.

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