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Black Friday: Up to 75% off Veriphy Skincare’s Revolutionary Cosmetics For The Holidays

Discover deep hydration with clean and simple skincare that actually works. 

WHO: Veriphy Skincare is a beacon of innovation in the beauty landscape. Spearheaded by women in STEM+B*, Veriphy takes pride in its unique synergy of scientific rigor and an unwavering commitment to clean, ethical beauty that actually works. Their mission is multi-fold: offering products that radiate potency without sidelining sustainability, and championing confidence that is more than skin deep. Amidst the vast beauty horizon, Veriphy emerges as a confluence of authentic power, kindness, and environmental consciousness, serving as a brand for women, by women.\

WHAT: Veriphy Skincare is holding an exclusive Black Friday holiday sale, offering its innovative line of skincare products with sales of up to 75% off. Veriphy’s simple 5-step process breaks down the essentials of skincare, each formulated with care and precision, also proving once and for all that consumers don’t need a multitude of products to stay beautiful. They simply need a few, core, yet potent tools in their beauty arsenal that actually work.

Powered by PhytoSpherix®, Veriphy Skincare’s innovative, game-changing ingredient that promises up to 130% increase in deep hydration, promoting skin health, preventing wrinkles and managing dry skin during winter months—all backed by clinical studies and meticulous research.

Experience Veriphy’s 5-Step Skincare Routine with the following:

  1. Cleanse with CTRL+ALT+DEL Cleanser: Deep dive into a gentle cleanse that eliminates impurities while diminishing redness. Let the therapeutic warmth of a washcloth amplify the results.
  2. Tone with Hit or Mist Toner: Refresh with a hydrating mist that also offers detoxifying prowess. Whether you wipe or let it seep, the radiance is unmistakable.
  3. Exfoliate with Power Trip Facial Serum: Unveil a renewed complexion with the dual-action of exfoliation and soothing. Leave it to penetrate, amplifying rejuvenation.
  4. Hydrate with Self Absorbed Facial Moisturizer: Dive deep into hydration that leaves an unforgettable velvety trace.
  5. Prevent fine lines with 20/20 Eye Cream: Address the delicate eye realm with firming, hydrating, and illuminating elixirs.

WHEN: This special Black Friday holiday sale will run from November 20 -27, 2023 this Holiday Season

WHERE: Veriphy Skincare’s exclusive up to 75% discount can be availed through their official website.

WHY: Veriphy Skincare stands as a testament to beauty that doesn’t compromise on principles and quality. Every elixir is an ode to clean, vegan, award-winning, honest and effective skincare that truly delivers. Discover innovation with their revolutionary ingredient, PhytoSpherix® and experience skincare that actually works, developed by women in STEM+B, for all women around the globe. Dive into Veriphy’s world and be a part of a skincare revolution led by Veriphy Skincare.


*STEM+B: Veriphy is founded and formulated by women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + Business. They advocate and encourage more women to enter these fields with multiple yearly post-secondary scholarships. Veriphy Skincare believes building a company should improve the lives of others!

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