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Adrián Erazo: An award-winning master craftsman and advocate of sustainable art





Adrián Yesid Erazo Cardona is a unique plastic artist with an unsurpassed environmental vision. By profession an electronic engineer, he always knew that his future would focus on art. Adrián Erazo is a renowned artist and sculptor, with a distinguished career in the art of sculpture and the promotion of renewable energy. He specializes in creating sculptures that take advantage of solar and renewable energy.

With extraordinary artistic talents, Erazo as a sculptor specialized in renewable energy sculptures, stands out as a pioneer in the fusion between art and sustainable technology. His works are not only artistic expressions, but also statements about the importance of clean energy.

Adrián Erazo has stood out in the world of crafts, being recognized with various awards and honorable mentions that reflect his commitment to excellence and sustainability in his work. He has received, among other international awards and recognitions, such as: First place “El Pacífico Artesanal para Colombia” (July 2017), awarded by the Fundación Pacífico en Acción (FUNPAC) of Buenaventura, Honorable Mention 2018: Recognition for the work “Ecological Education in Artisan Production”, awarded by the Si Buenaventura Corporation Foundation. Also, Dagua Pineapple Fair 2016: Winner of the Golden Crafts Award in the craft exhibition and new concepts. First place in the “Pacific Artisans” Awards (July 2017): Awarded by the FUNDANCESTRAL Foundation in Juanchaco. in addition to obtaining first place in the 2018 Buenaventura Artisan Contest: Recognition from the Nueva Alternativa del Pacífico Foundation.

It should be noted that Adrián Erazo is the author of the Manual “Crafts and Clean Movement”, which has also allowed him to be a contributor to the knowledge and practice of sustainable crafts.

Added to all this is his impeccable work in “Colombia País Museo”, a project to revitalize Colombian art through the use of clean energy, combining art, crafts and sculpture, with a focus on the use of solar energy in the mobility of art. and crafts. And above all, we must highlight his participation in the “CalieCOCrea Project” where Adrián Erazo served as master craftsman in this voluntary project, guiding young people to transform plastic wood into furniture designs for vulnerable areas of Cali in Colombia. This project was awarded in the Urban Habitat and Housing Practices Contest (UHDH) 2019-2021, with participation from Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Without a doubt, his contribution as a plastic artist based on sustainable energy has incalculable value. His new step is to stand out as a Fine Arts Curator and embrace innovation in all its forms. He is constantly exploring new ideas and techniques to take fine art and renewable energy to the next level, challenging conventions and encouraging artistic evolution.

In summary, Adrián Erazo is an artist and curator committed to sustainable art and the comprehensive development of the artistic community, guided by the vision of a future where art and environmental awareness converge harmoniously.

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